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  • Announcements from Father


    1. The Bishop has asked that you only attend Mass at your home parish especially on weekends. Please do not go to other parishes as they also need to be careful with their capacity.
    2. You are encouraged to wear a mask at least during the time as you enter and leave the building. If you are over the age of 65 or at risk we encourage you to wear your mask at all time except while receiving communion.
    1. Receiving Communion is optional. Following are some guidelines, these concerns all those receiving or not.
    1. For communion, the ushers will release you by pew into the side isles. Please remain seated until they get to you. Even If you will not be receiving Communion, please move along with the flow of the pew you are in, crossing your arms to receive a blessing from Father,  Or you may exit pew and step backward in the center of the aisle to allow the pew to exit, maintaining  social distancing, this is so no one needs to step over someone else.  If no one is going you can let the usher know to move on.
    1. There will only be 1 line for Communion. Please follow the marking on the floor to maintain distance from anyone who was not in your family pew.
    1. We have hand sanitizer available along the way for those who wish to use some before receiving. Please only take a small amount so your hands are dry when you receive the Blessed Body. It is ok not to rush this process.
    1. If you are elderly or physically challenged, we will bring communion to you at your pew.
    2. We encourage you to receive Communion only in the hand for the health and safety of both the priest and faithful.
    1. The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays remains dispensed. Watching televised Masses helps us as a Catholic community to stay connected here on earth and in heaven, it is encouraged, particularly for those who find themselves Safer at Home.
    2. Ushers will again be dismissing you by pew, from back to front. We ask that you please remain seated until they get to you. Please make your best attempt at maintaining the recommended 6 feet distance from anyone not in your family pew. To exit the church, we will use both exits.
    3. Please do not visit inside of church or block anyone outside of church.  I know we have not seen each other for some time but we do have to keep our social distance.  Give people time to get a bulletin, or drop their collection money into the baskets provided where the holy water fonts were.
    1. For cleaning purpose please leave the kneelers down and take hymnals, papers or prayer cards, that you may have brought from home or picked up in the entryways, with you when you leave.
    1. On week days, the church will be closed soon after masses. Sign up for next weeks Mass by going to stjoachimpittsville.org or calling the Central Office before 4pm on Thursday.
    1. Thank you for your patience and kindness as we work to keep us all safe.